Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sitecore 9 - Step by Step installation through SIF (Sitecore Installation Framework)

I got a chance to discuss SIF framework with Kieran and core team at Sitecore Office Bristol, UK than at Symposium 2017 in las vegas, USA.

Video series by Kieran -

Here are the steps and details.

SIF is a new installation framework for the Sitecore and has a lot of features, I will first explain the installation process then will discuss the features.

Prerequisites -

1. Solr - It should run on HTTPS.
    Instruction :-
    Required keytool and openssl
    Download Openssl from -
    Download NSSM -
3  Microsoft PowerShell® version 5.0 or later.
4. Web Platform Installer 5.0.
5. Sitecore installation framework .
6.  SQL server 2016
7.  VS2017

Here are the key steps for the installation-

1. Setup Solr on HTTP  - it's very easy to setup the Solr on HTTP,  here are the steps.

Download Solr from the below link.

Download the zip file-

2. Extract this zip file and place on your prefered drive, I have placed this on C drive.
    Make sure you have JAVA JRE Setup Java

     Ref- Linkk

Check your Java version for the confirmation.

3. Generate the certificate - Follow this link -
4. Install Solr as a service.
Download the tool and run the below command.

Installation details-

Verify solr

Note:- I have been working on Solr 6.6.1 , hence did setup for Solr6.6.1,
1. Sitecore site to download the SIF framework and setup.

2. Install SIF Framework.

Download -

Click on this link then a details page will be open.

There are two ways.

1. Install through github.

Open power shell and run bleow command

Register-PSRepository -Name SitecoreGallery -SourceLocation

Install-Module SitecoreInstallFramework

2. download the package and install through command power shell - you can place this module in power shell default module section or any custom location.

Import-Module \SitecoreInstallFramework 

check the installation version.


Get-Module SitecoreInstallFramework –ListAvailable

Setup required framework details in C:\resource folder -

Setup the required permission mentioned in the installation document.
Setup the required Web Platform Installer 5.0 as mentioned in the document

Create a new file install.ps1 ( As mentioned in above screen).

this will look like this.

Run this command and you will be able to install this.

here are the instance details.

Landing page

xConnect -

Key observation and tricks.

1. If you are using different solr version - Make sure to update the install.ps1 file.

2. You can customize the installation files based on the environment.

Video reference:-

If you have any query, Please feel free to ask here.


  1. Hi,
    I followed the steps and getting the following error:
    PS>TerminatingError(Get-Command): "The running command stopped because the preference variable "ErrorActionPreference" or common parameter is set to Stop: No matching commands include a parameter named 'Signer'. Check the spelling of the parameter name, and then try again.

  2. Hi Phaneendra,
    Are you using Powershell 5.1 ?

  3. Invoke-ManageSolrSchemaTask : No such field type 'long'
    At C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\SitecoreInstallFramework\1.2.0\Public\Install-SitecoreConfiguration.ps1:253 char:21
    I'm getting below error my SOLR version 7.2.1

  4. Being new to the blogging world I feel like there is still so much to learn. Your tips helped to clarify a few things for me on SiteCore

  5. after install when I browse to the Content Editor I get Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: fieldNameTranslator. I have Solr installed and secured (SSL) running as a service. What am I missing?