Sunday, May 10, 2015

What are the new trends in the technology aligned to market and global strategy?

We have seen lots of changes in the digital marketing, e-Commerce, mobility, Cloud and of course the key around the big data.

What is new for Microsoft techies...? Additionally Sitecore and Dynamic lovers??

I am actually key learner of Sitecore and Dynamic technology like Microsoft dynamic CRM, SharePoint, NAV, AX, GP and SL.

It gives pleasure when you find how these technology going interconnected internally and leading the market trend. Yes, that’s very true.

Here are some fact and research, how these will be leading in the upcoming market.

There are lot of technology comes in the market but they are individual performers, but Microsoft have its own Umbrella and very large ancient family... Now Microsoft is combining all the ancient families and underneath family members... Adding some very closed relative (Sitecore) and making the single bullet to fit all the market trends.

Let’s give an example about all the family member and how it will be interconnected and will fit the market trends.

Before going to example would like to give a short description about these families.

1) Microsoft Dynamic CRM :-
Market Focus: - Sales, Marketing, and Service
Market Leaders:- More features than just salesforce automation
2) Microsoft ERP:- Microsoft Dynamics AX,Microsoft Dynamics GP , Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL.
Market Focus:-  finance, manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce, Reporting , Business analysis and automate projects, Industry-specific customization, compliance etc.
Market Leaders :-It’s different from traditional ERP it run finances, sales, and operations together with the familiar Office apps with good reporting tools to track ROI.
3)  Microsoft SharePoint: - Integrates intranet, content management, and document management.
4)  Microsoft Azure:- Building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data canters.

 Now it’s time to talk about Sitecore:-

Sitecore: - It has the capabilities to easily connect with Microsoft dynamic CRM and SharePoint. It already brings e-commerce into Customer Experience.

The world of technology has changed within short time period and it’s still changing according to the market needs.necessitly and luxury...
If we talk about the e-Commerce there are huge change in the trend but still the retailer and business struggling to find out a single platform where they can manage all the stuffs through the single key.
Sitecore has all these capabilities like the customer engagements through CMS, DMS( campaigns, Marketing, advertisements), Better customer management and service through Microsoft dynamic CRM, Intranet document , HR and Admin policies management through Microsoft SharePoint , and have capabilities to manage the finance and all the stock, production life cycle and ROI calculation, e-Commerce module with Microsoft, cloud deployment etc.
Sitecore Commerce Server – A single platform for all these solutions.
This is a product for building multichannel e-commerce applications and systems using Microsoft .NET technology. Previously known as Microsoft Commerce Server, it is now developed, sold, and supported by Sitecore; although Microsoft will provide support of Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 through 2019.
The Sitecore Experience Platform completely integrates web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, optimization, and analytics, it’s very easy to understand the process and designed very user friendly. Sitecore now has an amazing foundation to bring an integrated enterprise-grade e-commerce solution into the platform, providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for customers that want to engage in e-commerce. Sitecore will also continue to develop and support a stand-alone Commerce Server offering.
Sitecore Commerce Server is a set of pre-packaged tools for building and deploying e-commerce websites and e-commerce software applications using Microsoft.NET technologies. It can be run on premises or, with the additional support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web service introduced in version 10.1.
·         Core Systems:
·         Catalog
·         Inventory
·         Order Capture
·         Discounts
·         Profiles
·         Integration Points:
·         Orders Web Service + BizTalk Adapter
·         Catalog and Inventory Web Service + BizTalk Adapter
·         Profiles Web Service + BizTalk Adapter
·         Marketing Web Service
·         Desktop Business Tools:
·         Catalog Manager
·         Marketing Manager
·         Customer and Order Manager
·         Commerce Server Staging
·         Merchandising Manager (replacement of Catalog Manager)
·         Sitecore Experience Platform Integration

Sitecore Acquires Leading E-commerce Vendor from SMITH (

Basically was transmitted by Microsoft and Microsoft will provide the support till 2019.

The acquisition will be the new ERA in the market and will provide the good experience to the customer as it’s a solid combination of CMS, DMS and commerce module and this integration will track and watch all the life cycle of customer as well as product and deliverable.

Hence, we can say the next ERA will be very awesome and fruitful for the customer and service sector.

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