Friday, November 14, 2014

Sitecore :- An integration platform with MSCRM 2015 and SharePoint 2013

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Just for the kind information about MSCRM 2015 launch and future integration with Sitecore.
Here are some of the fruitful and research on these technologies with a collaboration and future association of “SITECORE” with MSCRM (Microsoft dynamic CRM), SharePoint and Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 (otherwise known as Vega) is here! The new exciting changes and enhancements that are coming!
As we know Sitecore is a leading web content and customer experience management solution and this is 100-percent .NET compatible and .NET developers can leverage the skills they already have, the tools they already know, and through the integration technology.
Some of the glimpse about Sitecore:-
1)    More than 150 Sitecore customers have integrated Sitecore with SharePoint. Eye Witness News (<>), in South Africa, uses SharePoint to manage its digital assets, with Sitecore drives the public-facing digital experience.
2)    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is relied on by 2.25 million users across 33,000 customers to manage and strengthen customer relationships.
3)    Sitecore offers out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
4)    More than 30 percent of Sitecore customers use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
5)    Sitecore Azure Edition leverages the considerable advantages of Microsoft Azure for scalable, enterprise-class deployment
6)    MSN Sankei, Japan’s leading news portal, launched a new photo experience using Sitecore and Microsoft Azure. The new capability has delivered impressive stability and performance, handling more than 20 million accesses per month. The site exceeded even target traffic expectations as it became the go-to site for information on the Great East Japan Earthquake.
With Sitecore and SharePoint, We can:
·    Sitecore complements Microsoft SharePoint
·    Sitecore includes out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint
·    We can easily share content across intranets, extranets, and public-facing websites
With Sitecore and Dynamics, We can:
·    Better manage the customer experience from end to end
·    Use customer intelligence to enhance conversion rates
·    Automatically capture new leads and valuable prospect data directly into the CRM system
With Sitecore Azure Edition, We can
·    Scale websites quickly and easily to new geographies
·    Respond immediately to business needs and surges in demand
·    Enjoy low cost of entry and ongoing operations
I hope some of the information is useful for us.

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