Monday, November 25, 2013

Generic functionality and sample program.

Generics refers to a technique of writing code for a class without specifying the data type that the class works with.

First we should now why we required generic

Earlier in C# 1.1 we have object programming and there we  can create object  and in case of typesafe and performace we were creating another classes.

In generic basically we are defining the datatype.

Let say.
  class Generic
        T[] itemsType;
        public static string Name ="test";
Calling the generic function
   String nameValue = "";
            nameValue = Generic<string>.Name;

Simple generic program:-
Create a class below
class Address {

        public int SrNo { get; set; }
        public string Name { get; set; }

        public Address(int srNoInput, string NameInput)
            this.SrNo = srNoInput;
            this.Name = NameInput;


Use this class through generic functionality

       List<Address> Addresslist = new List<Address>();

            Addresslist.Add( new Address(1,"Fist"));
            Addresslist.Add( new Address(2,"Second"));
            Addresslist.Add( new Address(3,"Third"));

            foreach( Address Add in Addresslist)

                Console.WriteLine("Address Number:- "  +  Add.SrNo);
                Console.WriteLine("Address Name r:- " + Add.Name);


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