Saturday, August 26, 2017

Google Tag Manager Certification -Take away points - Important.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics.

Key take away points-

  1. Structure- 
    1. This can be managed at account level.
    2. Ideally one tag manager account per company to manage multiple website.
    3. We can use multiple company account to single account.
    4. One company (Account holder) will create an account and provide the access to other.
    5. Each account manager account will have at least one container.
    6. deally one container for website domain and can be instructed for the behaviour and tracking.
    7. Triggers details-
      1. Variables 
        1. Build in variables
          1. Path Path
          2. Click ID
          3. Triggers details- 
        2. User Defined variables
          1. Custom Variables and can be defined let’s say if purchase completed
          2. Choose Type
            1. st party cookies
            2. Auto event variables
            3. Constant
            4. Variables 
      2. Operators
      3. Values
        1. It could be like contain, equal, doesn’t contain
        2. Values
        3. Example 1,2,3 or a,b,c etc.

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