Saturday, August 26, 2017

Google Analytics for Advance -Take away points - Important.

Advanced Google Analytics will provide details like how data get collected and processed. Below are some key take away points.

Key points
  1. How to use Multi-Channel Funnel report for analysis
  2. How sales and conversation linked to track the performance of markeing campaigns.
  3. The goal of attribution modeling is to provider better understanding different marketing campaigns and different marketing channels all work together to produce conversions
  4. MCF will describe the pre-requestics.
  5. Goal needs to be setup first.
  6. Overview report will provide details for store total conversations.
  7. Audience in Analytics meets the requirement for search remarketing, Ads must have attleast 1000 users before it can be used.
  8. Tpics covered.
High level Topics
  1. How to Organize  Analytics account
  2. Data Collection and Processing
  3. Google Analytics data collection
  4. Categorizing into users and sessions
  5. Applying configuration settings
  6. Storing data and generating reports
  7. Creating a measurement plan
  8. Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration
  9. Set up advanced filters on views
  10. Create your own Custom Dimensions
  11. Create your own Custom Metrics
  12. Understand user behavior with Event Tracking
  13. More useful configurations
  14. Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques
  15. Segment data for insight
  16. Analyze data by channel
  17. Analyze data by audience
  18. Analyze data with Custom Reports
  19. Advanced Marketing Tools
  20. Introduction to remarketing
  21. Better targeting with Dynamic Remarketing

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